SnowFlake & Chacoman Interviews

Yes, we are interviewed on other shows!

Living With BiPolar 2

Rebecca, A.K.A. Snowflake sits down with Megan Hall to discuss bipolar!

Faith, Hope, Love, Sex, and Bipolar

Snowflake and Chacoman from Bi-Polar podcast have a seat with me as I interview them about topics such as Faith, Hope, Love, and sex and how Bipolar effects those. 

The fuckit list

Do you have a Bucket List? What about a Fuckit list? Not sure what that actually is? Well let us help you out! Get comfy. 

Featured Self-Help Reading

Check out Season 2 Episode 23

Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Secret Warrior is a compelling memoir following Joanne McCallie’s mental health journey through the realities and challenges within the sports world. Using the recurring theme of “faith over fear” to reduce the stigma associated with impaired mental health and encourage those suffering from mental health issues to reach out-to coaches, student-athletes, and to all people across the world-Joanne offers real direction, experiences, and personal stories to teach and reassure those adversely affected by the dynamics of the mind and body experience. Motivational and heartfelt, Secret Warrior drives home the need for more education, stories, action, and an overall change to the narrative about brain health. CLICK To Order Your Copy

Help Is A Click Away

Resources For You!

Support Dr. Aimee Daramus’ newest project Understanding Bipolar Disorder: The Essential Family Guide.

If you need assistance, or would like to work with Dr. Daramus, please contact her at the following: Audio Therapy https://www.audeotherapy.com/

Bi-Polar Girl Facebook Support Group (PRIVATE)

Hi. I’m a freelance writer/editor with bipolar disorder, type 2. I am also the author of Bipolar Me, a book which is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and through other outlets. My second book, Bipolar Us, is also now available. I write about mental health issues (obviously), including talk therapy, medication, books, bullying, social aspects, and public policy, but mostly my own experiences with bipolar 2. As I always say, I’m not an expert and YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary.
I welcome comments and discussions, so please feel free to speak up and add your thoughts!

Visit https://bipolarme.blog/2020/11/15/bipolar-conversation/ to learn about Janet’s experience coming on the show.

What People Say

“I love that you two are doing this, in the first 20 min I could relate to so much… I’m going to get my husband to listen to it with me!” – J Weber

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to write and say thank you for the podcast. I think it’s wonderful to hear both you and your husband perspectives on each guest. It has also been incredibly helpful for me knowing that 1. I’m not alone in this. 2. that I can be successful in life ( I’m still working out the kinks in the medication department). So a huge thank you, and keep up the amazing work!” – Fullbelly Garden

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