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Check out Bi-Polar Girl’s 17th episode: Fight The Power! Don’t Be Triggered Though — Interview With Award Winning Canadian Journalist Kristen Lipscombe.

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Belgium. December 2018. When Antonia announces to her husband that she wants to divorce, he brings her in a psychiatric hospital by forced admission, for reasons of burn out and euphoric behavior.

After her release, Antonia flees the hospital and makes her spiritual journey to Mardin. Out of anger, her husband puts her on the list of missing persons within the European Union.
And the story continues…Happy Carpe Diem!

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“I love that you two are doing this, in the first 20 min I could relate to so much… I’m going to get my husband to listen to it with me!” – J Weber

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to write and say thank you for the podcast. I think it’s wonderful to hear both you and your husband perspectives on each guest. It has also been incredibly helpful for me knowing that 1. I’m not alone in this. 2. that I can be successful in life ( I’m still working out the kinks in the medication department). So a huge thank you, and keep up the amazing work!” – Fullbelly Garden

SnowFlake & Chacoman Interviews

Yes, we were interviewed on other shows!

Faith, Hope, Love, Sex, and Bipolar

Snowflake and Chacoman from Bi-Polar podcast have a seat with me as I interview them about topics such as Faith, Hope, Love, and sex and how Bipolar effects those. 

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Do you have a Bucket List? What about a Fuckit list? Not sure what that actually is? Well let us help you out! Get comfy. 

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