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Despair By Angie Blevins

You see despair can be felt on different levels.

It’s one thing to feel a vague despair, never really hoping or expecting much in the first place but to have known hope – fervent hope – then had that hope crushed before your eyes or pulled out from under you is torture to the soul; it not only takes despair to a completely new level but it takes something away from you – a piece of you – that you will never get back!

This level of despair grows so deep that you can feel it in your bones; it becomes so intense and distinct that nothing in life will be the same ever again. You see this level of despair – true despair – is what I believe to be true for me. I also believe that it is incomprehensible to most people. When you feel true despair you’ve reached it at its core; you feel despair to its highest degree.

-Angie Blevins

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