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Can Mental Health Be Normalized?


Linsey Luca

During the past 6 months we have all been affected by Covid 19. Things are changing fast with so much uncertainty surrounding us. Those with mental health problems are facing extra challenges, but for some people, they are facing mental health problems for the first time. As a result we are now talking about it more, hopefully breaking down the stigmas attached to it but can we normalise it? 

How can we normalise it……….?

By talking about how we feel openly and honestly, letting down our barriers and letting people see our human and often vulnerable side. If others can see and hear us talking about it then they might talk about their own difficulties and struggles. 

I know when i feel low, sometimes all i want is for someone to listen, i am not asking for them to fix me, just having someone there can make all the difference. 

We need to create some sort of positive from this pandemic and perhaps the increased discussion surrounding mental health can be that. We need to change the stigmas attached to it and create a more understanding society. It should be completely normal if we struggle with our mental health, to be able to ask for help, to get the treatment that we need and for us not to feel ashamed.

Support: The Inside Of My Mind


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