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Letter From Listener Malissa

Dear Rebecca and Stephen,

My name is Malissa and I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 13 years ago and have never really understood the terminology that is commonly used. Meaning, I knew what the words meant but didn’t understand how I related to them, and now I get it thanks to your show. I even understand more about myself than I ever did before and feel more confident with my mental state.

I’m not normally a podcast person but I gave one before yours a try. I was not happy. Then I went on to another one and had the same result. Then I found yours. I have been listening for a couple of months now catching up to your latest episode.  It was nice hearing my experiences come out of someone else’s mouth. I was able relate to something almost everyone said in each episode, and that has been a Godsend to me. I actually kind of had my boyfriend (of almost 2 years) taken aback for a moment because my mental status was something he knew, but it was in the background, and now that I can explain myself more successfully, he didn’t know how to react. Then I asked if he wanted to understand more and that he should listen to Bi-Polar Girl. 

Without me rambling too much, I just really wanted to thank the 2 of you for doing this and letting everyone become more aware of the situation around them and within their mind. 13 years of understanding the basics of a complex issue hasn’t let me explain myself properly, and to ignore symptoms that I really shouldn’t have. But I get it now and could not be more relieved to finally know my brain a little better.

Anyway, thank you again so much, and I hope you are all surviving this new crazy world ok.

Your Listener,



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