Queen Elizabeth The Great Has Passed! Mental Health Is A Marathon Not A Sprint


September 8th the Queen of England passed and Rebecca and Stephen offer condolences and thoughts of prayer to The Royal Family. Stephen can’t say enough about how safe they felt in England and Canada and he knows it’s because of the servant leadership she showed throughout her reign. May she rest with the Lord. God Save King Charles III and may he guide his leadership for the Commonwealth and the entire world. 

The guest this week is former competitive horse jocky and small animal veterinarian technician Chloe Ras, from the US state of Virginia. She reflects on her life, her family, and her future surviving bi-polar disorder. 

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 Song Of The Week

God of Joy By Anth’m — https://music.apple.com/us/album/god-of-joy/676208149?i=676208158

Rolling Weekly Credits

Inspirational Words From Lisa Nichols – https://motivatingthemasses.com/

Eva By Punctual — https://music.apple.com/us/album/eva/1162126046?i=1162126081

Proverb of The Week

Panamericana By Tango 3.0 — https://music.apple.com/us/album/panamericana/1544977199?i=1544977619

Connect Guest Hosts

Aimee Daramus, Psy. D. LCP: https://www.audeotherapy.com

Joelle Rabow Maletis, MA. Ed, MA, LMFT: https://joellerabowmaletis.com/about-us/

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