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Letter From Listener Malissa

Dear Rebecca and Stephen, My name is Malissa and I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 13 years ago and have never really understood the terminology that is commonly used. Meaning, I knew what the words meant but didn’t understand how I related to them, and now I get it thanks to your show. I even understandContinue reading “Letter From Listener Malissa”

Yi Xing Clay Tea Adventure

By Star LaBranche Hi, I’m Star! I’m a multifaceted freelancer and the phrase above is my motto in life and work. On my site you can view my resume, take a look at my portfolio, and drop me a line if you have a project I can help you with. Get to know Mental HealthContinue reading “Yi Xing Clay Tea Adventure”

Can Mental Health Be Normalized?

By Linsey Luca During the past 6 months we have all been affected by Covid 19. Things are changing fast with so much uncertainty surrounding us. Those with mental health problems are facing extra challenges, but for some people, they are facing mental health problems for the first time. As a result we are nowContinue reading “Can Mental Health Be Normalized?”

Kanye West: The Problematic Spokesperson for Mental Illness

By: Hunter Keegan, Author & Advocate Last week the ever-controversial Kanye West went on a series of distressed tirades.His statements ranged from uncomfortably self-centered to blatantly insensitive. On a literal stage, he overshared private information about his family (including a tearful announcement that he once had considered having one of his children aborted). He wasContinue reading “Kanye West: The Problematic Spokesperson for Mental Illness”

Despair By Angie Blevins

You see despair can be felt on different levels. It’s one thing to feel a vague despair, never really hoping or expecting much in the first place but to have known hope – fervent hope – then had that hope crushed before your eyes or pulled out from under you is torture to the soul; it not only takesContinue reading “Despair By Angie Blevins”

Welcome Tuck

By Little Tales It has almost been a year since our world that we knew turned upside down. Everything changed…. EVERYTHING. I think of time as “before” and “after.” Our lives were in such turmoil after that night. I could explain it like there was a hurricane all around me, and all I could thinkContinue reading “Welcome Tuck”

Homeless & Bi-polar Part 2

My childhood was abusive… I took several terms in speech therapy after returning fr northern Minnesota. I have a schizophrenic uncle, a bipolar aunt.  I tested almost perfectly in written tests, and worried constantly that I’d end up like others in my family who were gifted…bone became schizophrenic, another developed brain tumors.  I detached mostlyContinue reading “Homeless & Bi-polar Part 2”

Homeless & Bi-Polar Part 1

I’m 50 years old.  I’ve only been diagnosed and medicated in the last few years.  I’m listed as Schizoaffective, bipolar type I with psychotic features. I’ve been seeing things others don’t since I was 5, but was told consistently to not bother anyone.  In the army, it started to get worse and heard the headContinue reading “Homeless & Bi-Polar Part 1”