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Kanye West: The Problematic Spokesperson for Mental Illness

By: Hunter Keegan, Author & Advocate Last week the ever-controversial Kanye West went on a series of distressed tirades.His statements ranged from uncomfortably self-centered to blatantly insensitive. On a literal stage, he overshared private information about his family (including a tearful announcement that he once had considered having one of his children aborted). He wasContinue reading “Kanye West: The Problematic Spokesperson for Mental Illness”

Despair By Angie Blevins

You see despair can be felt on different levels. It’s one thing to feel a vague despair, never really hoping or expecting much in the first place but to have known hope – fervent hope – then had that hope crushed before your eyes or pulled out from under you is torture to the soul; it not only takesContinue reading “Despair By Angie Blevins”

Welcome Tuck

By Little Tales It has almost been a year since our world that we knew turned upside down. Everything changed…. EVERYTHING. I think of time as “before” and “after.” Our lives were in such turmoil after that night. I could explain it like there was a hurricane all around me, and all I could thinkContinue reading “Welcome Tuck”

Homeless & Bi-Polar Part 1

I’m 50 years old.  I’ve only been diagnosed and medicated in the last few years.  I’m listed as Schizoaffective, bipolar type I with psychotic features. I’ve been seeing things others don’t since I was 5, but was told consistently to not bother anyone.  In the army, it started to get worse and heard the headContinue reading “Homeless & Bi-Polar Part 1”